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                    About Us

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                    About Us 

                        Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Co., Ltd. which was established in 1965, is a fixed-point production enterprise of electric valve actuator in China and its predecessor is the state-owned Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Equipment General Factory (Changzhou Second Electric Machinery Factory). It was reformed as Limited Liability Company in 2001 and listed on national Equities Exchange and Quotations in April, 2017. It was located at Wujin Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Jiangsu Province,China.

                        Our company is a professional high-tech enterprise of research and development, manufacture and sale of nuclear grade and civil grade valve actuating mechanism. It is key enterprise in domestic industry. It also is a standard organization unit of national electric valve actuator. It has built a provincial enterprise technology center with license of nuclear power design and manufacture, which is sued by national Nuclear Safety Administration.

                        Our company has always laid stress on technological innovation and introduced zealously advanced technology from foreign products of the same kind and erected long-term cooperation with large-scale groups, research institutes and colleges and universities at home. We have taken part in the research and development of electric valve actuator of first generation in our country, we have independently researched and developed electric valve actuators and three-phase AC asynchronous motors for nuclear service. According to requirements of client, we have researched and developed the most complete product series of electric actuating mechanism in China, including integral type, explosion proof type, modulating type, high-temperature type, two-speed type, and nuclear weapons and non-intrusive intellectualized type. The products are widely applied in the follow industries and fields, such as nuclear power station, military project, thermal power, petrochemical industry, pipeline transportation, metallurgy, environmental protection, municipal construction, shipbuilding, hydraulic engineering, sewage treatment, etc., which have been supplied for nearly a hundred large and priority projects in China.

                        The company has multiple specialties associated research and development ability on machine design, electric control, motor drive and hydraulic transmission; and it has perfect testing platform and ability. It has complete flow scheme numerical control processing and manufacturing capability, which could keep effective operating for ISO quality system, environmental system and safety system. Provide excellent solution for automation and intelligence of industrial pipeline valve control, Provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services.


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